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When we were looking around for affordable knobs for a?kitchen cabinet we wanted to use as furniture, we spent quite a bit of time hunting for ones that were the?moderne?shape we liked, only to discover that the finish was awful: too-shinyvintage linens, too-brassy, too…;cheap looking. Since the knobs we found had great lines and were inexpensive, we decided to try hacking them: we sanded them with fine sand paper to take most of the brassy coating off, and bring them down to the base metal (or was it the other way around?). We liked the roughed-up look even better than what we had in our heads.

We LOVE hacking things, customizing them, “;overcoming their limits”;, as Scott Burnham writes in his the very interesting pamphlet on hacking, “;creating new options on one’;s own terms”;.

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It’s Riikka here to share a super easy and quick project for kitchen! One frame takes about ten minutes to make so you can create a trio in just half an hour. A great vocal point for your own kitchen wall or then something to take along when going to a dinner party or visiting a relative.