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Some time ago we wrote about IdeaPaint, special paint that can turn any surface into a dry erase “;white board”;. You can write all your brilliant ideas on it with markers, then wipe them off when you don’;t need them anymore. Now the IdeaPaint people have come out with a great variation on the theme: CLEAR IdeaPaint, that can be painted on virtually any painted wall or wood surface. Paint it on your exotically colored wallvintage linens, or a plywood wall or door.?It ain’;t cheap—;about $225 covers 50 feet.

But as we settle into our new space and laboratory, we’;re constantly thinking about the possibility?in writing our many ideas on walls…;and then erasing. We’;re reminded of the folks at IDEO, a cutting-edge design firm known for pasting ideas on the walls using post-it notes, and then moving the post-it notes around as ideas evolve (or taking them down, or adding more…;).

pillow covers floral

Since our plans, lists, designs, thoughts, etc. are never static, shouldn’;t there be a way to illustrate them that is appropriately mutable?

We’;re thinking about which of our walls would make the best idea wall…;or even, which surface? How liberating would it be to scribble right on our desk, or on our floors painted the color of an?oyster shell?

Via Better Living Through Design

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