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Within the mid-tone ranges of purple heather sit comfortably in the middle of the red warm tones and cool blue tones. Heather (the plant) is associated with good luck and admiration, and this can be equated into your living room décor. Heather is a calm and relaxing colour which is friendly and homely making it the ideal shade of purple to use if you like to be surrounded by family and friends. Some cultures also associate purple with death and mourning, however, heather can still have its place in people's home because it is the equal mixture of red and blue.

My friends and I absolutely love playing boardgames! Some of the games we play require to randomly draw items such as tiles or dicevintage linens, or have several small parts per player. To keep these items together, I like to have them in a nice drawstring bag, the included lining adds a luxurious feel. Of course, no-one keeps you from using these bags for other purposes, they make great gift bags too!

You know, before becoming a blogger, I had serious standards about when certain holidays were allowed to enter my home.? Especially all of the fall/winter holidays.? Summer must be absolutely enjoyed to the end before even considering pulling out the fall decor.? Halloween decor was only given a week or two, right at the end of October.? Thanksgiving needed its full 3 weeks of November exposure before taking things down and getting them ready for jingle bells and manger scenes.? However, as a blogger, if I really want to share ideas and fun projects that you guys can actually make for the upcoming season, I have to do things a little ahead of time.? (I’m not gonna lie though…..it’s actually kind of nice to have some things done ahead of time.)