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vintage linens The owners of a Waihi home knew just when to splurge and when to save sofa pillow covers

Clean-lined furniture and industrial surfaces are given rustic warmth to this family home in Waihi Beach with wooden slabs and bountiful botanicals?

Mel Kaczon, florist and owner of Waihi’s Koru Florist &; Home, John Kaczon, owner of engineering company Pinnacles Civil Group) Miller, 8vintage linens, Janina, 7, and McKenna, 6, plus Brew the chocolate Labrador.

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What did you spend in total?The build cost $450,000 and the landscaping was $90,000.

How did your budget forecast compare to your actual spend?John: We were pretty much on the money when it came to the cost of the house build. We added items and changed our minds on a few things along the way and felt quite comfortable spending money on those extras. As a result, we were probably about 10 percent out on our estimated cost.

What did you splurge on?John: We splurged on the landscaping but we wanted to get it right from the start. That included the bollard-like fence at the front; it is shaped in height to mimic waves, and the same look is repeated higher up the property. We spent a little more on the kitchen than intended – the splashback brick tiles weren’t initially planned to reach ceiling height, but we love how it looks like a brick wall. The bathrooms were always going to involve some extra expense as Mel was keen for them to be different. And the steel canopy over the front door was another splurge; it adds an architectural feature and increases the house’s street appeal.

What did you save on?Mel: Originally the pillars at the front were to be made from Linea weatherboard but in the end we opted for Titan panel, which wasn’t as labour-intensive and therefore not as expensive. We abandoned our idea of having timber flooring in the main living area; it would have been very noisy and we loved the look of the vinyl planking we opted for. I saw the Karndean planking on the showroom floor and thought, “I’m going to have that.”


From the street, the home’s unique cladding arrangement and unusual fence mark it as something out of the ordinary.







This custom-made light is a great way to ensure the bulbs are ideally placed over an island to suit your needs.


Mel chose a sliding barn-style door for the pantry as it fits with the loft theme she envisioned for the kitchen and dining areas.



John and Mel Kaczon’s Waihi Beach home isn’t their first new-build, but they think it’s their best. So much so that it might well be their forever home.



The home has been designed to grow with its youngest inhabitants, with plenty of spill-over space and bedrooms that can be reconfigured to give the children more privacy


This house was designed with children – and teens – in mind, and many spaces are flexible to suit the changing needs of the Kaczon kids.






There is no shortage of outdoor spaces to lounge in due to the careful thought Mel and John put into their massive deck and various garden areas.




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Words by: Monique Balvert-O’Connor. Photography by: Rachel Dobbs.

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