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vintage linens Peace, Love, and Joy decorative pillow shams

I have never been what most people think of as a traditionalist, especially where the holidays are concerned. I don’;t have bright red and green adorning my halls, and pine and holly items are a rare find on my cul de sac. What I do love is teal and red, great letteringvintage linens, and simple clean lines… whoops, I forgot to mentions, cute little birds. I am also running out of time to finish projects so I have to look for easier ones that can be done mostly in the embroidery hoop; thank goodness for my BERNINA 830 E and the fantastic space in the Jumbo hoop.

I took to my computer first to design the trilogy: Peace, Love, and Joy. I used simple letter kerning, manipulation, and pattern run items to create my pieces. The best part was incorporating my new Chirpy Bird designs. I used straight lines as placement and stitching lines for a fabric strip and selvedge edge “;nest.”;? I saved the designs on a stick and loaded them onto my machine.

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In a couple of hours I had completed three small wall hangings. Very easy since they were wrapped around pre-made 10” canvases. There was no quilting, no binding, and no sleeve to make. Voila! I am one step closer to being ready for the holidays.

On the n-th day of school, my daughter lost her best mittens-favorite color, waterproof, and fit well. Since then, she has been stuck with her only mittens and never lost them again. They were made of one layer fleece. She went downhill skiing, country skiing, and school outside recess with them. They were wet and cold inside, there were ice blocks outside, because she plays snow angels, makes snow pancakes in her hands, and eats snow from her hands all the time. Still she didn’t complain a single word of her hands being cold all those times. Still she writes “I LOVE MOM” everywhere and every day. I was so moved and inspired by my daughter. I decided to stop being a “stepmother” (no offense to real life stepmothers please!), to show my love for her love to me. She is mine and I'm her Valentine. So I made waterproof mittens with her favorite color (pink) and my favorite color (gray),?with heart on the back and “XO” on the front.PUL fabric has long been used in shoes and sports clothes for waterproofing and wind-blocking. It’s what I used in this project. “X” and “O’ patches used on the front of the mittens are soft thin leather scrap. So to make this project you’ll need:Paper, computer and printer to print the pattern piecesFleece fabric scraps in two colorsWaterproof PUL fabric scrapSoft suede leatherLeather sewing needleEmbroidery flossUniversal sewing or quilting toolsFollow along the subsequent step by step Instructables. Have fun!

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