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I recently received an email from someone who purchased the Retro Travel Bag Sewing pattern, asking why there were not printable pattern pieces included with the pattern. Honestly I had never thought of including pattern pieces before as I personally like to deal with cutting out rectangles rather than pattern pieces. As I got to thinking about it I realized that a few of my patterns could benefit from printable pattern pieces. Including that bag. So I’;ve updated several of them to include these.

If you’;re not familiar with PDF sewing patternsvintage linens, a printable pattern pieces comes “;tiled”; across several sheets of 8 1/2″; x 11″; paper that way you can print it at home easily. You print out the pattern then cut it out then match up the numbered squares and tape it together. On the pattern is a test square- print that square first then measure it to ensure it’;s 1″; x 1″;. If it is then you know that your pattern printed the correct size. If it’;s not, then you know you need to change your Adobe Acrobat settings. 90% of the time you just need to change the print settings to “;actual size”; or “;no page scaling”;…; DO NOT select “;fit to page”;.

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The pattern pieces that have received these updates are:

The Retro Travel Bag Sewing Pattern

Retro Travel Bag Pattern View 2

The July Bag Pattern:

July Bag Pattern View 2

July Bag Pattern View 1

and the March Bag Pattern

March Bag Pattern View 1

March Bag Pattern View 2

Just a note: on the patterns there are still instructions to cut out fabric listed as dimensions (i.e. 8″; x 10″;) I didn’;t change those to pattern pieces, only the pieces that had a curve or an angle. I figured I’;d save your printer ink and not make you print out a rectangle that you can measure yourself.

If you’;ve purchased a pattern in the past and want the update just send me an email and I’;ll be happy to send you an updated version.

and speaking of sewing patterns…; look at the March Bag made up in Chevron over at the Doodle Do Design Blog!!

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