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Today’s contributor is Tiffany from Making the World Cuter. All posts written by Tiffany for Make It and Love It, can be found here.

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SUPER excited! Decorating for Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year…;and Halloween wreaths are my favorite. I made this fun haunted house ghost wreath with some inexpensive items and wanted to share how I did it, with you.

Picture this: it’;s Friday morning, the kids are in school…;where do you find yourself? If you are like me and 90% of the mom’;s from our school, you are at Target walking the aisles. Am I right? The joy of Target without kids is better than a vacation! Ha! I love looking at the “;One Spot”; (which is now called Bullseye’;s Playground)vintage linens, where I can be found picking up cute things (and there are a LOT of cute things) and putting them in my cart. This wreath is the result of one of those Target trips.

Let’;s get started!

First, tie a piece of tulle around the wreath form. You can trim off the end of the knot that’;s not attached to the rest of the roll, or you can just tuck it in later.

Wrap with the tulle, and then wrap some more; you have to wrap kind of tightly to keep the wreath form from showing.

Keep on wrapping! Keep on wrapping! What do we do? We wrap.

By the end of this you will be a hard core wrapper. ;)

Next, attach the Haunted House Sign to the wreath using some strips of tulle at the bottom of the wreath.

You should be able to stand up the wreath now, so if you wanted to set it on a mantel and not hang it, you can…;and I might. But you can also tie a loop around the top to make it hang-able.

Now it’;s time to add the ghosts! I cut three ghosts off the banner, and I?still have a good portion of the banner left to use in other decorating.

Hot glue the string to the back of the wreath in the top 1/3 of the wreath, and make sure the ghosts stay in front of the Haunted House.

Finally, I added three?of the gray tulle poofs, in the bottom ‘;corner’; of the wreath, using the glue gun.

I just left the strings on since they match the ghost banner.

Now you can either put it on a shelf, mantel or counter looking adorable…;

…;or hang it on a wall, door or hook, also looking adorable!



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