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Today we’re starting with Brooklyn’s room. B is my oldest daughter. She loves art and barbies and ponies, ALL the girly things. She’s my little artistvintage linens, the princess of the family. I’ve been so excited to create a room for B for a few reasons:

Acrylic Teardrop Pendant from PB Teen | Beddy's Bedding in Chic White?| Jolie Wallpaper from?Anewall

accent pillow case baby burlap floor

This is my Little Chic room. It’s sophisticated, but still playful. It’s filled with blush pink and tulle and ruffles. And it screams Brooklyn! I’m so excited for it.

Biggest struggle: balancing "little girl" and "big girl"! I want to make sure this room grows with her, but I'm not interested in making a little teenager room yet!! What do you think? Anyone else stuck in the middle of this?big kid/little kid struggle too??

Good morning, my boo-tiful crafters!? The folks at Cutting Edge Stencils are feeling positively defrightful today because we are introducing a spooktacular new collection for Halloween!? As the Halloween season creeps in, we want to help you complete your ghoulish decor with our stencils. So if you’re ready for a howlin’ good time then let’s meet the new Halloween Stencils…

This challenge might not fit those of you who have summer in February – you might think… But maybe you dream of visiting a cold country, or maybe you have done that already. Are you one of us that enjoy knitting? Well fire away – this challenge is for you too! Or you could be inspired by the colors in the moodboard. Here are the details:

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