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vintage linens Let’s Get Organized With Burlap and Canvas Containers personalised birthday gifts

There is a trend to simplify and get organzied and the trend is sweeping the nation with shows like Netflix’;s “;Tidying Up,”; A Slob Come Clean Blog, and The Sunny Side Up Blog.Each of these blogs and show and literally hundreds more online channels, are all focused on the task at hand. So Let’;s Get Organized with these simple ideas with canvas and burlap items that are made right here in the USA, are available in a range of sizes and shapes and can be customized to match your personal style.

Canvas Corp offers a wide wide selection of bags, baskets and holders that are ideal for getting organized and they have a handmade, rustic look you are going to love.

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2. Burlap Plant Covers –; these flexible baskets come in 3 sizes and are ideal for storing items and can also be used for party decor organization. Add napkinsvintage linens, cutlery or packets of sugar.

3. Saggy Baggies –; we love the name. They are called saggy baggies because they can sit up straight or slouch down. They are ideal for covering repurposed jars and bottles, holding taller objects or even covering food bottles to keep a clean and simple look.

4. Chalkstock Tags –; Canvas Corp offers a wide range of tags that are ideal for labeling items when you get organized. Our favorites are the Chalkstock (chalk board paper) tags which look amazing when you use a White Paint Pen. Use them to get organized on a food display to call out different recipes, fun sayings and more.

5. Cardstock Paper –; sometimes we forget the power of paper. It is not only for scrapbooking, it is ideal for making small boxes that can help us get organized in drawers, food displays and in the office. You can die cut them into fun shapes and sizes that have lids and some that do not. Paper is a very inexpensive way to help get you organized. You can also cover heavy duty boxes with paper to give them a fresh, clean look.

Lucy of Craftberry Bush shows us how to make simple boxes with paper and cord that are ideal for storing items, giving items or keeping items.

6. Burlap and Canvas Sacs –; Drawstring or tie up bags are great for organizing hard to store items like hair accessories, medicines and even coffee beans. You can stencil on the front to show what is inside and put them all in a basket, drawer or line them up on a shelf. These are also great for storing shoes separately if you really want to get crazy organized.

7. Tote Bags –; another great way to store scarves, purses and items of many different sizes. You can sit them on a shelf or hang them up to stay organized. Stencil the front to tell what is inside or add a tag. You can also keep your hobby and craft projects separated by cute tote bags like this Knitting Tote.

8. Tool Tote –; One of our favorite tote bags is the perfect bag for tools, craft supplies and DIY items you need to tote with you and to have on hand. Made of heavy duty chocolate canvas and lots of pockets and places for things inside and out you can get organized and look cool at the same time.

9. Zipper Totes –; Available in a wide range of sizes you can stash pens, pencils, craft supplies, spices, toys, small kitchen gadgets and more. Stencil or stamp fun sayings on them. Zippers totes come in a flat or bottom gusset version so they can stack, stand or lay depending on what you are looking for.

10. Canvas and Burlap Baskets –; made of cotton and jute, these baskets can sit or hang and hold items in the pantry, closet or laundry room. You can embroider them, screen print them or add a tag to keep things separated. One trick that is taught is rolling up items and they can be easily slipped into these flexible baskets from socks to hair bows and from ziplock bags to tupperware lids.

So if you are looking for clever ways to get organized under the counter, in the drawers, on the countertop or behind the closet door these great totes, bags and holders will give you a great look and help you get organized at the same time. If you are not finding the sizes you need let us know.

Here are a few more fun ways to get organized:

Now let’;s get organized!!!

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to do a million things at once, then, it hits you. That feeling that you forgot something. Feed the dog? No, you did that. Pay the electric bill? Nah, it’s not due yet. OH, YEAH! It’s that gift you needed to get for your husband/boyfriend/father/friend/son/brother/etc. (pick the one that applies). A quick glance at the calendar confirms your fear. His gifting occasion is in two days. But you still want to get him an awesome last-minute gift, since you kinda phoned it in last time with that _________ (fill-in-the-blank) gift card from the grocery store. You feel sweat start to bead up on your forehead as the panic sets in.

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