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vintage linens International Women’s Day – celebrating our designers accent pillow case baby

To celebrate International Women's Day, we wanted to highlight just a few of the amazing artists and designers from our team.

Here, we discuss with Head Designer Bec Burnard and Textile Designer Bella Sun their journey as a designer and celebrating women.

accent pillow case baby burlap floor

Tell us about your journey as a designer.

Bec: My passion for art and design began as a child, I was constantly drawing and making things from a young age. After school I went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts (drawing and painting) at UNSW Art and Design.

My first ‘step’ into the industry was when I collaborated with Romance Was Born for Australian Fashion Week. I adapted my installation of sculptural work into wearables for the catwalk.

This then led me to working at a Sydney based print studio for the fashion industry. Initially I was digitally printing fabric, I then moved on to working as a designer, creating print based textiles from my artwork for localand international markets. Following this, Iwent intocreative direction for the studio’s more art inspired collection. From herevintage linens, I changed tohomewares and started at Sheridan.

Bella:I moved to Australia 12 years ago to study textiles and graphic design at UNSW Art and Design. My interest shifted from visual arts to textiles, prints and patterns throughout my studies. After I graduated I worked at a local textiles studio, where my work mainly consisted of print designs for fashion, homewares and stationery.

After many years of focussing on print design for fashion, I felt it was time to move on to explore different areas within textiles – which led me to Sheridan. Working at Sheridan is an amazing experience, I have the pleasure of working with talented artists and designers on the daily, allowing me to expand my perception and gain new inspirations on design.

What inspires you to continue to create?

Bec:I am inspired by all sorts of things…it can be a place that I visit, a colour, an image on Instagram, a blog or tumblr, a texture found in nature, a movie or a painting from one of my favourite historical artists…the inspiration never ends.

Bella:The main thing that drives me to create is the curiosity of the world. I see designing as a tool to express oneself, to tell a story and to communicate with people. I seek inspirations from the everyday life – beautiful nature, art, good music, interesting people I meet and fascinating stories.

Who has been a strong female role model in your life?

Bec:My mum is a constant source of inspiration and advice. She has had a life full of travel and experience. I value her worldly perspective, whether it’s how to approach a professional situation or herlevel of taste on a specific product.

Bella:My mum is also the number one role model in my life. She is one of the biggest influences on my taste, interest in art, design, fashion, as well as my attitude towards life. Her passion for life, and the way she lives it, her strength and how she always unintentionally brings art and beauty into her everyday life continues to inspire me.

How do you find working closely with other women contributes to the success of your work?

Bec:We are in constant conversation about what we are inspired by and what is an upcoming trend or influence. Sharing our ideas helps us bounce off each other and come up with new ideas or solutions. Our team is a constant source of inspiration and collaboration, as we all bring different perspectives to the table.

Bella:I’m very lucky to be working closely with a group of intelligent and lovely women (and men). The good thing about working closely with other women is that we understand each other easily, both professionally and on a personal level. So you always feel supported.


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