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vintage linens Interior Design- Christmas Wrapped Up – Practical & Functional Gift Ideas 6- Super King Bedding funny cushion covers

Crisp, fresh super king bedding is the hallmark of beautiful bedroom designs, as such giving a practical and functional gift of luxury bedding is an innovative and delightful gift idea for the festive season. If you opt for plain white you'll have no worries about your gift coordinating with any colour scheme or interior design style.

Look for luxury items to indicate that you've give considerable thought to your giftvintage linens, and although they are luxury it doesn't mean our gift needs to have a hefty price tag attached. As reported on the national news consumer spending on the internet is at an all time high – this is due to people wanting best value for money along with extensive choices to find the perfect gift for themselves, family and friends. If you start your online shopping now you'll stand a better chance of your gifts arriving in plenty of time before Christmas.

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One of the other great advantages of shopping online is that you don't have to wait for the Sales to begin to grab yourself a bargain. Savvy shopping techniques and an eye for quality gives you a head-start on finding the most practical and functional gifts without having to face the high street brawl! For those who love the high street experiences, with jostling crowds, Christmas lights and the general hubbub of getting into the festive spirit many online retailers also have bricks and mortar stores.

Which means that you can go and look at the goods if you live close-by the stores and then make the most of the hassle free style shopping on the internet – giving you the best of both worlds in the lead-up to Christmas. To compliment your gift of super king bedding why not include trendy bed throws or even cheap rugs to round off your gift in a chic and stylish way. For those of you who maybe a little sceptical about giving bedding and soft furnishings as a gift think about your choices logically – what would you rather receive a new iron or beautiful duvet cover sets?

I know what I'd prefer without even having to think about it! Who wants an iron when they could be snuggling down under soft, luxurious bedding in the New Year – not many people I bet!

For more inspiration then why not browse through our Christmas Shop.

Back in the days when showing your ankles was risqué and being seen canoodling with the opposite sex was a full blown ‘put them in the stocks and flog ‘um’, type scandal, Love Seats were a welcomed solution for courting couples (that’s people dating for the younger readers out there). They were able to sit close enough together to carry out a private conversation, have a bit of a flirt and possibly – if nobody was looking - a cheeky peck, but without actually sharing such a confined space they would end up ‘shock horror’ touching bodies, therefore making them acceptable.

The Victorian style is one of the most popular interior design styles and has been adopted and used by many people who don't necessarily live in a Victorian home. This lavish interior design style includes lots of different fabrics, textures, colours and furniture. In fact if you love having knick-knacks in your home this could be the interior design style to adopt. Walls: Paint was predominately used, especially in bedrooms where visitors are guests weren't staying. The colours are deep and rich, but they're muted rather than bright. Reds, golds and dark green can also be used to achieve the look.

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