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In today's post we're going to focus on giving rugs as a practical and functional gift. You may wonder why a rug? Well, there are lots of valid reasons why a rug would make a wonderful gift for either family or friends. For those with a mind to giving unusual presents to make someone's life easier, happy or more colourful cheap rugs are a great choice.

This doesn't mean that you don't like the person's flooring choices or intend to suggest that their flooring is out-dated or in need of replacing! - far from it – what is does show is that you want them to have the best creature comforts which they may find difficult to fund themselves.

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Think about this type of gift logically. If you know someone who complains about the state of their flooring or grumbles that the draught rising up through their floorboards is making their rooms cold and their feet frozenvintage linens, then why not try an alleviate their problems. It's a small gesture which shows you care and that's the crux of giving a gift – isn't it?

With so many fabulous designs, styles and colours to choose from there are small, medium and large rugs to suit all styles of interiors and your gift budget. If you're looking for great quality then Indian or Chinese rugs are ideal. Although mass produced the quality of the workmanship is second to none, combined with the intricate patterns and soft subtle colours these beautiful rugs add a touch of elegance to any room.

For something a little more contemporary and funky faux sheepskin rugs have returned to interiors with a bang! These natural colour tones compliment any colour scheme and look equally stunning whether used in a bedroom or living room. With deep, plush pile to wriggle bare toes into sheepskin rugs are the ideal choice as a gift for young family members and friends.

As we mentioned in the last few posts if you keep to neutral colours you really can't offend anyone. Look for beige, grey, browns and creams if you the person you have in mind has children as these colours are less likely to show any accidental spills. For contemporary looks black and white rugs and perfect and can be teamed with just about any other colour to give chic elegance to a room.

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