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vintage linens How to Stencil a New Look for your Home Interior- Anna Damask Personality linen pillow covers

Want that vintage wallpaper look for less without the hassle and mess? Use wall stencils instead! Our friend Laura at the blog Corner House dreamt of an updated vintage look for her front room, and Cutting Edge Stencils came to her rescue. She used our Anna Damask stencil pattern to completely revamp that front room, essentially changing the overall mood of her home!

pillow sham pattern

First Laura applied a teal color paint allover the wall, which I must say is quite the fan favorite! For those wonderingvintage linens, this specific paint color is called Lagoon from the Martha Stewart collection. As for the paint she used to stencil with, Laura came up with a little potion of her own–;how creative! She mixed faux glaze, ceiling paint, and?Martha Stewart mercury metallic glaze?for this unique look.

When it came to actually stenciling, Laura decided to get the more difficult part finished first. She painted with the top part stencil (which comes with our Anna Damask stencil pattern), using the ceiling as her level to create a boarder around the entire top end of her room.?She then painted with the full sized stencils, using our stencil level ?to make rows directly underneath and fill the rest of the space. Our stencil level, which clips easily onto the top of any of our stencils, is?a convenient way to make the pattern stay consistent and even.

IMPORTANT TIP: Laura used our dense foam roller?to apply the paint to her stencil. You should always roll excess paint off on a paper towel before applying it to the wall so that it doesn’;t bleed!

The bigger the room, the more time it will take to stencil, but the results are more than well worth it in the end. Plus, you’;ll feel accomplished and fall in love with your newly designed home!

Want to stencil your home too?

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Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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