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Hello, WeAllSew fans! My name is Melissa Mortenson and I’;m the girl behind the Polka Dot Chair Blog. I’;m also a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs and have a line of sewing and quilting patterns.

I’;m always losing my scissors and seam rippers while I’;m sewing and thought it would be nice to have a small hanging basket to store them. I liked how my basket turned out so much that I made two of them.?I’;m going to show you how to make the smaller of the two baskets today and will include the pattern sizes needed to make the larger basket as well.?These baskets are just the right size to hang on a pegboard to store small accessories.

linen sheets

For Small Basket:

All other supplies as noted in the Small Basket listing.

Step One:

Apply the Shape Flex interfacing to the wrong side of your two basket outside pieces. Follow the directions on the package to do this.? Cut a 1″; x 1″; square out of the bottom two corners of the following pieces:

2 Interfaced Basket Outside Pieces

2 Basket Lining Pieces

Stitch the two basket outside pieces together along the side and bottom sides. Do not stitch in the square.

Press the seams to one side.

Pinch the bottom corner of the basket outside piece so that the cut edges line up with each other. Stitch. Repeat for the other bottom corner.

Repeat the exact same steps to create the basket lining piece.

Turn the basket outside piece right side out.

Slip it into the basket lining piecevintage linens, the right sides of the fabric will be facing and the side seams will be aligned.

Stitch around the top of the basket, leaving a 2″; opening in the front of the basket.

TIP: If you remove the arm from your sewing machine it will be easier to stitch this top seam.

Turn the piece right side out and press.

Topstitch along the top edge making sure to catch the opening in the basket as you sew.

Cut a piece of ribbon to 10″; long (or longer if you want your basket to hang lower). Finish the ends with fray check and tie the ribbon around the embroidery hoop inside piece using a simple slip knot.

Place the sewn basket INSIDE of the embroidery hoop outside piece leaving about 2″; of the basket above the hoop. Fold the fabric over the embroidery hoop. Slip the embroidery hoop inside piece (The piece with the ribbon) inside of the basket and align it with the embroidery hoop outside piece. Adjust the fabric as necessary to get an even gather and tighten the embroidery hoop.

That’;s it! You can now hang your basket on your favorite hooks.

The hardest thing for beginner quilters to get right is matching up the corners of each piece. This quilt looks great and has no corners to be matched. The drawing shows what unmatched corners look like. This is very noticeable in the finished quilt--and the first thing that some quilters notice about any quilt. So with this design, all the corners are intentionally unmatched.You can create many different looks for your quilt with this same design. You just have to switch up the colors. I have shown just a few of the possibilities.

Making pine needle keepsake pillows is a great way to to pass time and create memories during camping vacations.

Hello, I’m Jill Finley from Jillily Studio. I love to appliqué! And I love my BERNINA machines! When I choose to appliqué by machine, my BERNINA makes it a breeze.?Let me show you how I do it.