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vintage linens DIY Stencil Projects Featuring the Otomi Stencil Personality linen pillow covers

Good morning, my Otomi stencil lovin’; friends. Cutting Edge Stencils is really embracing the huge Otomi print trend.? We have been spotting this fun tribal pattern on walls, floors, and even home decor accessories.? Ohvintage linens, and we totally love it.? This distinctive pattern commands attention so it’;s the perfect way to add both color and texture to a space.? Today we have two creative DIY projects using the Otomi Allover stencil pattern in unique locations.

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We’;d like you to meet Brooke, the DIY superstar behind the blog Killer B Designs.?? Brooke has an adorable daughter named Charlie, who like every other little girl right now is obsessed with the movie Frozen.? Charlie has a set of chalkboard closet doors that her mother likes to decorate.? Given Charlie’;s recent Frozen infatuation, Brooke knew our Otomi Allover stencil pattern would be perfect for the space because it is similar to a pattern featured in the movie.? Now stenciling on a chalkboard might sound like a tedious task but it totally isn’;t when you have the DIY Chalk Paint recipe from Crystelle Boutique.? Brooke mixed up the DIY chalk paint and then taped her stencil to the closet door. Using a `dense foam roller, she painted the Otomi pattern on the chalkboard surface.? Brooke says, “;I really, really love how it all turned out!”;? The best part is that it’;s totally washable.? She had a small drip and she was able to wipe it away with a wet rag.? Awesome!

Now if that Otomi stencil project didn’;t leave you speechless, then wait till you see this!? Meet Heather, the super creative blogger behind Woods of Bell Trees.? Heather fell in love with the idea of stenciling a floor from this post.? First she painted her floor white using Annie Sloan’;s Old White.? Then she stenciled our beautiful Otomi Allover stencil pattern using Annie Sloan’;s French Linen.? Once the stencil was dry, she topped it off with a lacquer.? Heather says, “;The “flooring” makes the room appear larger and must I say it’s very Anthro.”;? We think it’;s absolutely stunning.

Tell us, where would you stencil the Otomi tribal pattern? Leave us a comment below, we’;d love to read your thoughts!

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When I was a kid, my parents gave me (and my siblings) Valentine’s. It was usually just a small gift, a token of their love. Isn’t that sweet? Despite the negative rap this holiday gets, I still think it is a great time to share little mementos of affection. With that in mind, I came up with this inexpensive, little Valentine’s love notes and gift box idea. It’s a?simple and cute gift that’s sure to sweep your loved one off their feet!?Let’s get started!

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