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vintage linens Christmas Trends 2017- Enchanted Lodge pillow covers floral

Our Enchanted Lodge look makes it possible to treat yourself to a?snug cabin getaway without leaving home. Complete with cute woodland critters the traditional berry reds, chestnut browns and festive tartan touches that feature throughout will warm your home like a glass of mulled wine. Debbie Drake, Dunelm’;s Head of Designvintage linens, tells us what this trend means to her:

“;When I was a little girl I would leave my reindeer ornament on the hearth before I went to bed on Christmas eve and during the night he would come alive and help Santa deliver presents to children around the world. I knew this to be true, because on Christmas day he was still sparkling from the magic spell that had brought him to life the previous night. To this day, glitter still suggests the presence of magic to me.

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I have previously waxed lyrical about my love of the woods. And what could be more magical and Christmassy that the thought of an enchanted lodge, deep in the forest. In my imagination, the cabin itself is transformed into a charming gingerbread house decorated with white filigree icing. The birds and animals who live in the forest come inside and decorate the place with nature’s own ornaments, such as rustic berries, shimmering leaves and golden acorns.

The colour palette for this theme has such a lovely warm and cosy feel and blends the traditional Christmas colours of rich red and forest green with the new trend shades of rust and copper. I picture this fitting perfectly into a home with a leather armchair in front of real log fire.

Whatever your style and however you celebrate, I hope you all have a very happy Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of year!”;

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Well, my favourite time of year is almost upon us again – Spring! I love spring and the freshness and renewed hope that it brings. It is a rejuvenating and inspiring time of year. The onset of warmer weather and longer days prompts us not only to take stock of our intentions and plans for the year ahead, but often evokes the desire to renovate and refresh our surroundings and ultimately our decor. To my mind there is no better time of year to do this, as during the summer months we’re usually busy with holidays and outdoor activities; and autumn and winter often finds us all a little tired and jaded with the desire to cosy up and rest rather than take on inspiring renovation projects.

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I made my first sewing machine mat a few years ago from a bit of unused patchwork, and I loved using it! But when I upgraded from a 5 Series to a B 770 QE, my old mat suddenly seemed too small. I like my sewing machine mat to be longer than my machine because I have more padded space on the table top, and I have many more pockets on the front of the mat to hold my go-to tools. Time to make a brand new mat!