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vintage linens 25 things that bring good luck and positive vibes to your home floral cushion covers

Presence of positive vibes all around gives an individual the power and confidence to get rid of all the life challenge. Life is unpredictable where nobody knows what is going to happen at the very next moment. So, it is good to be always ready for all types of situations with an encouraging feel.

We have enlisted some brilliant ways that can bring your home the good luck, harmony, positive energy, purity, clarity, and beauty.

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A small elephant ornament, elephant-shaped cushion, or pottery object brings good luck, protection, wealth, and wisdom as this animal is a sign of good luck, understandingvintage linens, and loyalty. You can also have elephant painting or elephant tapestry on your wall. Metallic wall hangings with elephant design is also trendy way of adding feel of strength in place.

Objects of this animal bring good fortune and prosperity. Fish is lucky and symbolizes good health, prosperity, happiness, wealth and power. You can put aquarium at you home. Fish statue or wall hanging is easy idea to include fish in your decor.

Using crystals such as rose quartz, blood stone, turquoise, smoky quartz, and others bring love, happiness, prosperity, good luck, relieve stress, improve creativity, and provide peace of the mind and soul.

Plant and herbs with rounded leaves close to the entrance create peace and balance. Putting Irish moss under doormat brings good fortune and wealth. Similarly, keeping 4 leaf clovers and hanging aloe Vera are very lucky.

It rings in positive and provides peace of the mind. Use it in any of the form such as wear it, hang it, or bookmark it. Beautiful dream catcher is said to protect the sleeping person from negative vibes and dreams. Dream-catcher passes positive dreams through. It is an artistic home decorative element that brings happiness and optimism.

Wearing hamsa hand necklace brings fun, good luck, health, and repels negative energy. Other then jewellery, You can have hamsa hand also in your home decor. You can have tapestry, bedspread or pillows with hamsa hand print. You can also have hamsa hand wall hanging made of metal, or wood or stone in your decor.

Eating mushroom, planting its tree, or using in the form of decorative product creates good luck vibes. You can hang wall tapestry with mushrooms prints.

Placing the statue of Buddha in a main part of the home brings in good vibes. It is said, if one rubs the Laughing Buddha’;s great belly, it brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Spiritual Tapestry wall hangings or wall posters with Buddha prints is also great way to decor your home and get Buddha vibes in room.

A Tortoise represents longevity and has power to spread positive energy. Tortoise animal control the energy in an individual’;s life. If you place a tortoise or a turtle in the backyard of your workplace or home will result in the huge availability of energy.

Using bamboo in any of the room of a house or garden brings focus, tranquility, and good fortune.

Arranging your room’;s furniture ensures easier conversation and positive energy.

Adding fresh flowers creates optimistic vibes in a house but don’t forget to remove them once gets wilt.

Clean home free from all types of clutter maintains freshness and attracts positivity. So, throw unwanted things and spread lemon, frankincense, or lavender oil to keep the space smell pleasant.

This tiny decorative element removes negativity from the space and creates harmony through its smoke. you can get quality incense sticks online.

Hand horseshoe with its open end facing upwards to bring good luck.

Keeping a bowl of pomegranate and citrus fruits prevent the bad luck, promote good health, improve richness, and spread positive force all around.

Built a koi pond or paint it on the garden wall to improve relationship, increase wealth, and bring good luck &; positivity.

Keeping an object of Om symbol in home or workplace and drawing swastika at the entrance of the house attracts power, peace, good luck, and prosperity. Aum Tapestry is also great way to bring power of aum to space.

It protects the positive energy in the home; bring harmony, wealth, &; happiness, and removes Vastu dosha from a house.

Wearing blue color dress ward off bad luck and bring good fortune.

I love these blue mandala skirts from Multimate Collection.

Hanging wind chimes at entrance pulls prosperity and good luck. Hanging it on the place of eating, sleeping, studying or working prevents positive energy so never do this.

An idol of Lord Ganesha (Siddhi Vinayak) and Maa Lakshmi bring in happiness, wealth, tranquility, and good luck in the house. You can hand Hindu God Ganesha Wall hanging in your space to bring happiness.

Place small water fountain outside during summer and inside during winter as its water draws good fortune and positivity.

Keeping clean and unbroken mirror in space or cash drawer improves the financial situation.

Hanging a clock on the East, West, or North wall of the house welcomes positive vibes.

Everything around us is made up of some kinds of energy. To welcome the arrival of positive things in a life, begin by giving off an optimistic energy. Be hopeful from your mind and create positive vibes using the above mentioned lucky things and enjoy the positive life forever.

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