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vintage linens 1001 Pallet’s Trove of Ideas and Info geometric cushion covers

? Ph. Philippe Bousbib/Art Point

Over the years,?we fed ours and reader’;s?passion for practical things?made of shipping pallets, with examples of the very best, most stylish?versions we could find of?pallet beds, sofasvintage linens, side tables, steps, even a version of Le Corbusier’;s iconic club chair. Gradually, novel ideas for pallet began to drop off as the diy-universe reached a saturation point, along with our interest.

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We’;ve found it piqued again with the discovery of 1001 Pallets, a site crammed full of?ideas for upcycling pallets. The only downside is the irritating ? ? watermark embedded in their images, even ones we know to have been published first on other websites.

1001 Pallets

The way around them and the site’;s somewhat clunky design: their excellent Pinterest?features pallet creations?under 29 categories from lighting to huts and cabinets and makes for some swell browsing.

Either way, you’;ll find a?trove of ideas of ideas, including reader’;s submissions, best ways to dismantle a pallet, ?how to determine pallet safety…;

1001 Pallets

…;and some useful?tutorials

1001 Pallets

The chair, top, found at 1001 Pallets Pinterest has renewed our pallet imagination, and reignited our passion for corrugated tin…;

Striped skirts and Liberty-print button-downs. Pink and orange. Chocolate and peanut butter. Some things just work together, and while we may not know the scientific reasons why, we sure aren’t complaining. Today we’re looking at one more pairing on our perfect-match list: vintage-style rugs in modern interior design.

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