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pillow cases vintage Why Industrial Décor Never Goes Out of Style personalized pillow cases vintage

It’s hard to argue with interior design that’s both dramatic and pared back, easy yet edgy, and that looks as relevant today as it did in the late eighteenth century. That’s why we love industrial décor, the metallic mixpillow cases vintage, wide-open spaces, and clean edges of which never go out of style.

rustic pillow covers

Over the years, decorators have blurred the lines between design styles, but industrial is still one of the easier styles to recognize, thanks to classic elements like:

If you have these design elements in your home already, you’re already halfway there. Now it’s time to start personalizing the space, using these techniques of top design pros:

Photo via Est Magazine

Photo via Remodelista

Photo via Elle Decoration, featured on Let’s Stay

A tiny travel tin of gourmet salt flakes transforms anyone into a bona fide Salt Bae.

I was looking for something in our mud room closet, when these itty bitty baby mittens fell out of a bin and into my hands. Seems impossible to believe their hands were ever that tiny. That their little fingers were so small they wore thumbless mittens.