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pillow cases vintage Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets funny cushion covers

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to add new furnishings to your home or garden then take a look at wooden pallets and you'll see from our infographic there's more to a wooden pallet than meets the eye. Firstly there's more than one type of pallet available, so choosing the most appropriate for your project can help you get better end results.

With so many wooden pallets around you can also be a little choosy by looking for the ones that are undamaged, unstained or those which haven't been treated with chemicals. Once you've been inspired to upcycle a wooden pallet into a useful piece of furniturepillow cases vintage, shelf or feature for your home or garden; there's plenty of ideas for beginners, intermediate and more advanced DIYers on our infographic, all you have to do is source your pallet.

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We've provided example of places where you can usually find them, and if you're on a tight budget you may also find that you'll be given them for free - just make sure you ask before you take. Be inspired and get creative. Do your bit to give an unwanted, neglected and overlooked wooden pallet a new lease of life and a loving new home.

Leather furniture, while quite beautiful and elegant, can be a challenge to maintain. It can be easily damaged by improper cleaning techniques.

I always have trouble storing my smartphone in the pockets of my jeans or shirt. It is almost necessary to wear some kind of jacket to safely carry my phone. Here is a solution I think works. A phonepouch on your belt. This one is made of some old T shirt scraps and a bike innertube.?extra-extra second edition second photograph shows a revised edition, witch looks a lot "cleaner". More photo's and remarks on several steps marked: "extra-extra, second edition"