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pillow cases vintage Tips and Ideas on How To Use Your 7gypsies Stash Paque personalised birthday gifts

The 7 Gypsies Architextures Stash Paques have so many fun bits and bobs of crafty goodness in the them from stickers, to cut out images, and then some amazing textured paper it give no end to the types of projects you can create with with one paque.

Here are four ideas that our Crew Member Karla Yungwirth created using just one packpillow cases vintage, and she had a ton left in her paque to create more projects!

canvas throw pillow covers

Here is a video on how Karla made these amazing project using just one Stash Paque!

Here is the first project, a cute set of mason jars with labels from the Stash Paque.

Up next is a fun tin can with perfect for your crafty supplies of brushes with a label from the paque.

The papers in the paque are perfect for a framed pieces, a great way to liven up some of you picture frames you have laying around!

Lastly a mixed media tag using little bits from the paque, amazing!

You can find there?a wide range of mixed media, craft, home decor, DIY and other exciting projects on the channel and if you love more videos check out Canvas Corp Brands, ?7gypsies and Tattered Angels and BE INSPIRED!!!



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Have you ever tried Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origin papers? Oh, it’s a treat! With numerous designs, those papers are a dream come?true for all crafters, not just the mixed media?ones. The double sided, cotton-like papers have the feel and look of depth and texture. You can paint them, cut them, sew them… oh, the possibilities… Add some Tattered?Angels mists and you have an outstanding piece of art! Just think what you could do…