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I made my own Save the Dates (and Derek helped) and I am SO thrilled with how they turned out!? I am also thrilled with how much they didn't cost us! (Besides the hours of intensive labor) the 150 cards we made cost close to $50. That's all! And more then likely I will re-use all the left-overs from the project.

Making these took a while, and this post may take a whilepillow cases vintage, but if you are looking for an idea to make your own Save the Dates, it will be worth it (I hope)!

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I started with my inspiration piece from Martha Stewart

But it was lacking. I needed to have pictures and more color and more “;us”; so I came up with my own design. I printed out a template on each side of a standard card. That way I got two Save the Dates from one card (which in turn saved money!)

Then I had to make the tin envelopes to hold the actual date. I enlisted the help of my crafting secret weapon…; my Cricut!

(see how exciting folding paper can be?! haha)

I even stored them all in my pretty Pyrex!

I have to take a minute to give a big shout out to my future husband for helping me. During this whole process he realized he's a “;cutting guy”; because he enjoyed that part the most.

I then used the Cricut to cut out all the numbers for the date

And?I gathered up some paper flowers I had on hand

And I used twine and a needle to string them all together

Ladies (and gentlemen) THIS is the most time consuming part. I suggest putting in some seasons of your favorite show, finding a comfy spot and just keep your head down and keep going.

Then it was time to add the magnets (sorry I don't have a picture) and put them all together!

We loaded them all into their envelopes…;

And now these pretties?are hanging on the refrigerators of our friends and family members!

What route are you taking with Save the Dates? Are you making things easier on yourself by ordering them or are you tackling the DIY?

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