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pillow cases vintage Re-Vamping Your Living Space - Choose A Theme funny cushion covers

Themes can range from the classic to the more unique and even unthinkable! If time is calling for a change, then re-vamping your living space with a specific theme in mind is a really good idea. There is plenty of choice, so regardless of what you are interested in or what is your idea of beautiful - you can be safe in the knowledge that there will be a theme for your design project.

Themes might relate to a period in time and design movements such as Art Decopillow cases vintage, Georgian or Contemporary. Sometimes a home can be really enhanced by working with its original features and setting a theme in accordance with the year it was built. For example, a house that was built in the Victorian times is likely to have high ceilings and bay windows. We are going to look in more detail at some period home design ideas and help you to discover a style that matches your personality and will ultimately create a house that really feels like home.

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Art Deco Style The Art Deco movement came about in the early 20th century and was particularly fanciful throughout Europe - Paris and London having the strongest influences. This was a time when travelling to far off countries became popular - South Africa, Egypt and other lands became more accessible as air travel began to take off.

This brought with it a new wave of décor that represented the experience of safaris - animal prints, the use of wood in the home and a range of geometric prints was influenced by the pyramids of Egypt. Luxurious materials such as furs and satins were also part of the movement. The glamour of Hollywood also played a vital role with low lighting and lots of mirrors - dressing tables were in all bedrooms, cocktail cabinets in lounges. Try the following to get the look:

Georgian Style Dating back as early as the early 18th century, Georgian interiors saw a long reign in popularity. This was an age when entertaining in the home really took off and home-owners took pride in their décor. You could say it was fashionable to have an interest in interior design.

Spaces were always light and harmonious, colours often pale and second to the presence of rich woods. Furniture had a feminine aspect and tended to be delicate in design as opposed to bold and demanding. Try the following to get the look:

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