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pillow cases vintage Linenshed Makes Life Good Again linen pillow covers

In this fast-paced world where time is no longer a luxury, take a moment to step back and feel the linen. At Linenshed, we still believe in doing things the old-fashioned way. We take our time and focus on crafting top-quality bedding, clothing and curtains that are?never mass-producedpillow cases vintage, never rushed. Our experienced artisans complete a single project from start to finish, one at a time, to ensure only the most exquisite attention to detail. You'll never find two Linenshed products exactly alike because?production?is not what we're about.?

We're more about creation.

accent pillow case baby boudoir

And it shows in every lovely duvet cover and shower curtain that we sell. All of our items are made-to-order from precise specifications. If you need a custom-size curtain to fit your contemporary home, it's never a problem for Linenshed artists to create one?for you.

At Linenshed, we love what we do and it shows in every stitch, in every flowing line, in every ruffle. When you purchase an item from one of our comprehensive collections, what you receive is an?heirloom-quality piece made from only the purest 100 percent flax linen.

Linen is durable, it's elegant, and it lends an unpretentious air of luxury to every space. Linen is also a sustainable material that's kind on the planet. It's more than just a replacement for cotton; it's a way of living that's slower, easier and much more enjoyable.

The next time life has you whirling from one appointment to the next, take a moment to slow down and browse all the glorious home bedding and lounge wear options we have to offer. There's just something about a room bedecked in pure flax linen that encourages you to sleep better, linger longer and to greet each morning with a relaxed smile. Let us show you how.?

It feels like once fall hits and things start getting busier, I tend to forget about Lunch Hour Links. Like most people my brain was all holiday all the time. But hey it’s a new year and everyone is buzzing with the new things they’re doing (and not doing), making resolutions and goals, and moving on from everything that had our minds occupied for the past couple months – that means it’s time for another link roundup! I like these roundups because they capture what I’m really interested in right now. I’ve talked about a few of these on Twitter and?Instagram but it doesn’t feel like enough, so I’ve put them here.

We loved the simple lines and single row of upholstered buttons on our new sofa. ?Little did we know how often those upholstered buttons would catch. ?Within a few months we ended up with two popped buttons. ?The cover popped off the first button leaving the metal backing behind. ?The second button came off completely leaving a string dangling out of the sofa back. ?I researched how to fix them, but short of taking the sofa to an upholsterer I came up with nothing. ?I decided to figure it out for myself.