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Canvas Corp Brands has a wonderful selection of holiday goodies.Not only do we have what you need for making Christmas cards, scrapbook layouts, and mixed mediapillow cases vintage, but we also have a variety of blank canvas?pieces and burlaps that work beautifully for your home decor. It is so simple to take one of our blanks and a few other bits and pieces and add them together to make a completely custom made piece for your home or as a gift!

We recently asked a few of our designers to put together some of their favorite things into a collection that we can offer to you at a discounted price.

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We are so excited to team up with Lena to offer you her favorite holiday goodies and for this holiday season only, you can get this $40 value kit for just $24.99.

Lena’;s Favorite Craft Supplies collection includes:

I believe in angels; I believe we all have our own angel who looks after us. I also think that angels are a great festive decoration so I used burlap and canvas from my kit to make this piece of decor.

Products used:CCB Red burlap sheet 12×;12CCB Ivory burlap sheet 12×;12CCB White canvas sheet 12 x12Dried branchesCord jute balls natural

As you know, I love recycling and I always try to find something “;old”; to use in my art.Here, I have used some left over wood pieces –; it was perfect for my Little Christmas Village.

For her village, Lena used:TA DIY Paint Ebony ( black)TA DIY Paint Ruby (red)7g Architextures Findings –; Iron fenceCord- Jute Balls NaturalBurlap Flower –; BlackCanvas Flower- RedTags –; Crafty ChristmasWhite gessotags from 7Dots Studio

Lena shares the steps you should follow to make her village:

What beautiful and?absolutely inspiring pieces of?Christmas decor! And surely, there is plenty more you can do with Lena’;s Favourites!!! Why?don’;t you give it a go?!?

Please make a visit to Lena’;s social media for more inspiration using Canvas Corp Brands Products:?Blog?and Instagram.

Thank you for stepping by today!

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I made a video tutorial for the use of it, although the instructions inside the package are easy to follow too.

Clean white surfaces and natural timber provide the perfect backdrop for the owners of The Vintage Shop’s love of Scandinavian design