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As we extend our gift ideas today we're returning to the bedroom and focusing on duvet covers. With so many different styles, designs, colours and price ranges to choose from there's duvet cover sets to suit everyone. Practical and functional, duvet sets are always a welcome gift – from the latest designer bedding rangespillow cases vintage, children's favourite super heroes or pretty princess bedding sets, to duvet cover sets in the latest on-trend colours you can always find a style to suit all ages. Soft furnishings, including bedding, make a superb gift particularly as many of us struggle to find the 'perfect' gift.

Coupled with bed throws, bed comforters or bed sheets the notion of giving this type of present becomes a personal gesture showing the receiver that you have given considerable thought in picking a present that they'll use over and over again. For a fun and innovative element a bed in a bag is a great concept, providing a bedding ensemble which is neatly stored in its own handy storage bag. Maybe you have relatives or friends who are at university? If you do, then giving them a very personal gift can give them a morale boost which reminds them that you care and probably more importantly will help them save money – after all how many university students give consideration to buying new bedding when they're struggling on tight budgets – not many!

burlap pillow cover diy

As we've already mentioned if you stick to neutral colours you really can't go wrong in terms of colour coordinating with the rest of the person's bedroom décor. Look out for styles and designs which reflect the person's personality – this can be a tongue-in-cheek funky design, a laid back and informal design as well as opting for luxury bedding which oozes elegance and style.

For those who have everything luxury or designer super king bedding will make a real impact and show that you've really put your 'thinking cap' on this year, especially if you include bed cushions and other coordinating accessories with you gift. With the festive season already in full swing don't leave your choice of gifts to the last minute – beat the freezing fog and drizzle and let your fingers do the searching for that special, yet practical and functional gift which will delight friends or relatives.

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I have been squirreled away down in my basement for several days, opening up boxes, purging junk, and finding new homes for all my craft/sewing stuff.? I haven’t been able to find my interfacing for weeks, or my white felt, or ugggh…..my serger thread.? So, I finally forced myself to actually open up and clean out the 11 or so boxes that were just sitting in my craft room.? They had all been opened and I was able to find a few things as I needed them………but I’ve felt suffocated in my craft room since we moved into our new home (well, rental home), 3 months ago.

There are certain terms you’ll hear plenty of times at Sheridan, and one of them is a weave. A few of our favourites are sateen, matelassé and plain weaves, but what do these actually mean?