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Y'all, I am so excited to introduce you to a FABULOUS blogger who is sharing a fantastic thrift store chair makeover with you all today. Meet Carmody from Paper & Fox!

You may have seen some of her fabulous projects on Pinterest, like her awesome “;Lucky”; script art:

burlap throw pillow covers

Or this stunning book page wreath:

You may have also seen her G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. desk makeover on my blog a few weeks ago when I featured her project as one of my favorite BOLD projects from the Be Bold Challenge link party:

She has tons of other fabulous projects, so be sure to head over to her blog, Paper & Fox, to learn about how she named her blog {aren't you curious?!} and to check out her other work! Nowpillow cases vintage, without further delay, I am turning things over to Carmody! Enjoy!

Hi, I am Carmody from Paper & Fox. I love crafty projects and clever ideas. I am also an avid thrifter and love good thrift store finds. I stumbled upon this little retro office chair at a thrift store for a whopping $6.00. Too good to pass up. I imagined a mad man type character sitting in front of a type writer in this little office chair. Let's give this chair a new life, shall we.

The frame is constructed out of wood with vinyl covering the seat and the back rest. I have recently shyed away from upholstered thrift store chairs, because of the dust and allergens. So, this was a perfect chair for me to tackle. I am a lover of spray-paint and will not hesitate to spray-paint anything. My goal for this project was to add a little pattern and a fresh look to my little chair.

Materials Used

My first step was to paint the vinyl seat, back and legs periwinkle blue with Krylon Fusion for plastic spray- paint. I allowed the paint to completely dry. Then, with a ruler, painter's tape and a pencil I measured and marked every 2 inches of the seat. I applied painter's tape in stripes where I previously marked with a pencil.

So, here is my favorite part. I laid out a simple chevron like design with masking tape on the chair seat. Basically a lot of “;V”; shapes. I started in the middle of the seat and worked my way out. Initially, I planned to repeat the same pattern on the back rest of the chair, but decided that it would be to busy looking. I am in love with this pattern. I have used it on everything from furniture, fabric to shoes. It's clean, interesting and pretty all at the same time.

Once the seat was complete, I used painter's tape to cover the last 5 inches of each chair leg. My goalwas to have the last 5 inches remain blue to give the dipped look. With white gloss Krylon Fusion spray-paint I coated the entire chair several times.

After the white paint was completely dry, I removed the tape…; always the most exciting part. Ta-da! I am so loving at the final product. I think that this chair has become new office desk chair.

I hope you enjoyed my Thrift Store Chair Makeover. For other craft projects and clever ideas please check my out my blog, Paper and Fox! Until then, I think I will be sitting pretty in my new ( thrifty) and cute desk chair.


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