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When we paired the winner of our Porch Makeover contest with award-winning designer, Amy D. Morris, we knew we would love the outcome. We also learned a few tricks along the way.

The bare-bones decor made wasted space of the screened-in porch. Homeowner, Megan Wood, knew exactly what she wanted out of the space: a larger dining area and a separate seating and lounging spacepillow cases vintage, so she could comfortably entertain guests. “;I wanted it to feel like just another room in my home,”; said Megan.

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Together, Amy and Megan picked out furniture with an indoor feel for the covered space–;no cast aluminum here. Amy guided Megan toward a refreshingly soft color scheme with lots of white and gray with little pops of color. “;It was more about letting the outdoors shine and having the furniture sit back quietly but proudly,”; Amy said. The light finish of the table and chairs match the exterior brick, which serves as the backdrop of the dining area. The all-weather rug defines the seating area and coordinates with some of the elements inside Megan’;s home, said Amy. “;It makes the space flow and feel connected to the inside of the home.”;

With the two separate spaces defined, Amy added in a few little extras: potted plants to connect the space to the outdoors, indoor/outdoor curtains to add softness to the space and entertaining accessories for those impromptu get-togethers. “;You want an outdoor room to have a sense of peacefulness,”; said Amy. “;And using minimal accessories with great textures is one way to achieve this.”;

Amy created an intimate conversation area with a sitting group of four Capri woven chairs with the Durham Cocktail Table in the middle to anchor the space. “;I love this seating area with the chairs and oversized coffee table,”; Megan said. “;It feels like a living room. I love to sit out here and put my feet up.”; A pair of Lotus Garden Seats adds a pop of color and are great for extra seating, added Megan. “;Amy gave us lots of seating options. We can now seat up to 12 people out here, which is so nice.”;

Megan is more than pleased with the finished space, but she admitted having doubts upon seeing the moving van with so much furniture. “;I just didn’;t see a way that it would all fit! Now it actually feels like a bigger space.”; It works so well thanks to Amy’;s “;less is more”; approach to design: “;Using bigger scale items and not junking it up is what makes a space like this relaxing and inviting for guests,”; she said. Our final lesson of the day? Megan said it best: “;It really is possible to get everything you want in a room.

Last month, I had the opportunity to host my first AnthroEvent. It was so much fun spending the evening with readers & friends, doing in person what I do online everyday – giving step-by-step diy instructions!?Growing up, I’d spend days at a time at my Grandma’s house crafting. She always came up with great ideas, using items she already had. An hour from the nearest store, she learned to utilize her resources well. One of my favorite crafts was creating paper flowers from old envelopes, tissue paper & even napkins. It was fun taking & giving purpose to something that would otherwise be trash {with the exception of the napkins, I promise, those were new}, giving it new life. It?instilled appreciation in everything & made me the resourceful blogger I am today. When asked to host the event for Mother’s Day, the craft was an easy decision – giant paper flowers like I used to give my mom for Mother’s Day, just on a much larger scale.The tables were filled with mother/daughter duos, friends, readers, & bloggers. I was overwhelmed with support! After a little champagne & mingling, it was time to craft!Supplies:tissue paper – color & yellow/goldthick floral wire or rodfloral tapescissorstacky gluedried mosstemplates: (optional) ?small petal | medium petal | large petal | center

Terracotta look is trending big in home décor. From terracotta pots in your patio to sculptures adorning your living room, it is making a place for itself in every home in some way or the other. The term terracotta comes from an Italian word meaning, “baked earth”. It is primarily used for making pottery, décor pieces, and even jewellery. But, its penetration in the décor industry is to the extent that terracotta is being used as a colour word too. The family of natural brown to orange is being broadly classified in the terracotta category. So, if you are unable to infuse terracotta decorative items in your home décor, then try the colour range to experience the old world charm.

This is a fun and creative way to personalize your gifts. It is a project that you can involve the whole family in. Each can make their own “special tags”. This is not just a project for the Holiday. You can use it for any occasion that requires a gift: New Baby, Birthday, Anniversary. So get creative and have some fun!