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pillow cases vintage How to Create a Multipurpose Home Office pillow covers floral

I am so excited to share our new multipurpose?home office! We live in a sweet but small home and are constantly coming up with creative solutions to make it work within our current context. We are a family of four, and as we grow, so do the needs of our living spaces.

When in tight quarters, rooms are necessarily used as multipurpose. This new office space is our living room, guest room and office—all in one. More importantly, time is spent in the home office working from the house, doing homeworkpillow cases vintage, completing art projects, and so much more.

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Here I am going to share how we achieved this space with mobile pieces, transitional furniture and dual-purpose accessories. As you think about a space that?serves the entire family, think of how you can make the most of your room.

We only had one wall to work with in this space, so we chose this long White Langham Desk and then the Alden Convertible Desk (which provides additional space when more than one person needs to be working, but can also be put up and out of the way when not in use). The kids can now easily draw, build Legos or do art while having their own table to sit at.

These cocoa-colored Lydia Dining Chairs are perfect. They are soft but firm for back support and they come in a set of two, which is nice when you are looking to have additional seating. The chair’;s elegant design makes it a versatile piece to move and use in different parts of the room (or house) when it’;s not being used in the home office.

I went with this classic Bronze Pharmacy Lamp. It is stylish while giving off adequate light and is one of the main sources of lighting in the room.

We used two of the medium-sized Rachael Wall Baskets to hold wrapping paper and printer paper (both for note-taking and coloring by the kids). In addition, the Small Jayden Metal Shelf Unit rolls around for easy access. It provides storage for knitting yarn, more gift wrap/ribbons, and various office necessities (tape, scissors, pencils, pens, stamps).

Here I hung the Whitewashed Round Wood Shaila Wall Decor above the desk and then used the Natural Wood Arrow Chalkboard to draw the eye into the space. It can also be written on, a bonus for displaying decorative words or reminders. Remember to use different shapes and colors to make your space interesting as seen with circles, arrows, texture and more.

This is always my favorite part! You can use blankets both for keeping warm and for texture. I love the tassels on this Ivory Chunky Chenille Throw that is draped over the velvety chair. Mix metal accessories as seen here with the Mini Metal Ginnie Pencil Cup (filled with Twig Color Pencils). Include storage that can be carried around by the kids when it is time for homework. This Wood and Metal Flatware Caddy holds pens and pencils for paying bills—and crayons for coloring, too. The Ryan Pedestal Clock is nestled in the petite shelf and helps to keep track of the time for appointments and schedules. Comfort is key, so having a hot cup of coffee or tea inside a favorite cup like this White Textured Stoneware Mug provides some refreshment while doing tasks.

When making an office or office space that will be used for many purposes it is imperative to get multipurpose furniture and decor. In turn, the room lives up to its dual (or more) nature. It is a place that works for you and not the other way around.

Having items that roll, furniture the folds up and accessories that are both useful and decorative make it seamless and clutter-free. Everything should work together; the multipurpose home office is now more than just a desk or a chair, it is a place for everyone and for any occasion.

There are many things you can do with newspaper, papier mache being one of them and as Easter is just around the corner we’ll show you how to make a cute wobbling papier mache bunny.

The method produces a beautifully dense, durable fabric with ease.

‘Valentine’s day is near and do you also need a special gift for a very good friend? ?My idea was to create a diary cover in mixed media style?with a broken heart, but patched and almost healed.’ –?Kerstin-Inga ?