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pillow cases vintage Holiday Coasters  decorative pillow shams

Need something to set your BERNINA coffee cup on? This easy holiday coasters project will show how to make reversible fabric coasters using a photographic image printed on fabric.

I started by photographing a pine cone and dropping the background out of the picture in Adobe Photoshop. I placed the cutout image of the pine cone first on a white background. This would allow me to create a variety of different colored backgrounds behind the pine cone.The image of the pine cone is approximately 3.5 inches square. You can download the original size photograph here: Pine Cone High Res Original Size.?The?canvas behind the pine cone is 5 inches wide by 5.25 inches high. I?colored the background behind the top pine cone red. Then I flipped the?image horizontally in Photoshop and changed the background to green.

solid throw pillow covers

This created a second piece of fabric that was the mirror image of the first. The two images easily fit on an 8.5-inch by 11-inch commercial inkjet fabric sheet. The file with the two images was printed with pigmented archival inks in my inkjet printer. Once the fabric sheet (you can use THREADS?fabric sheets) was dry, I cut the two images out and peeled the backing off the fabric.

I turned both fabric images over and faced them together. It takes a bit of?work to line up both pieces of fabric. But it is worth the effort. On a small?project like this I did NOT pin them together.

The markings on the BERNINA Patchwork foot 97D are marked at quarter-inch increments. This allows you to easily stitch a quarter-inch seam.

The BERNINA Patchwork foot # 97D comes with a guide that screws into the?arm or base of the BERNINA sewing machine. In this instance, I am?using a BERNNA 7 Series machine. The precise dimensions of the screw-on?guide allow you to position it next to the presser foot. This will place your?needle and stitch line a quarter-inch inside the edge of your fabric square.?Note that the BERNINA Dual Feed is engaged so that the top and bottom?layers of fabric are fed simultaneously. The even feeding of the fabric keeps the mirrored images matching face to face.

The markings on the BERNINA Patchwork foot 97D, as well as the cutout in?the front of itpillow cases vintage, are a quarter of inch. By carefully watching the progress of?your needle as it stitches the line, you can stop stitching a quarter of an inch from the edge of your fabric.

Using the needle down function on the sewing machine, it is easy to raise?the presser foot and turn your fabric 90 degrees as you stitch along the top?edge of your fabric square.

Once you have stitched a quarter of an inch around both sides and the top of your fabric sandwich (left) then trim the two top corners off (right).?This reduces excess fabric in your corners when you turn the fabric?sandwich inside out. Be sure to leave the bottom edge open so you can?turn the coaster sandwich inside out.

Once you have turned the fabric so the right sides are out, use a blunt?instrument like a chop stick to carefully push out the corners.

Cut a small piece of heavyweight fusible interfacing. The dimensions that?I found to be the best for this size project were 4-1/4 inches wide by 4-3/8 inches high.

Slide the piece of fusible interfacing into your coaster pocket. It works the?best if you keep the inside stitched fabric all on one side of the insert.

Fold one side of the bottom fabric over the insert and use the edge of your iron to fuse the edge of the folded fabric to the bottom edge of the insert.

Carefully fold the top edge of your fabric over the insert and inside the pocket. Then fuse it with the heat from your iron. Do not let the iron sit too long on the edge or it can burn the fabric.

Use a press sheet like this Teflon press sheet to fuse both sides of your?fabric to the fusible interfacing.

Again, use the quarter-inch markings on the BERNINA Patchwork foot 97D to stitch a line around the inside of the fabric sandwich.

To close the bottom edges of your sandwich, use a needle and thread and stitch it closed with a whip stitch.

Using the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) or a number 24 free-motion presser foot, stitch around the needles of the pine cone on the top side of the fabric sandwich with a bright contrasting thread.

If you lined up your mirror image fabrics correctly, the stitching pattern on the back side should match the stitching on the top side.

Final note: Once you have finished your pine cone holiday coaster, because water glasses and cups “perspire” it is recommended that you treat the fabric with either a water resistant lacquer or a water repellant fabric protector.

Today’s gift?is a BERNINA-red “;thread”;?can for your sewing room to one awesome WeAllSew fan. All you have to do is post a comment below answering the following question:

What would be your favorite coaster design?

A winner will be chosen?at random?on December 9, 2015 and announced later this week!

Good luck!

Congratulations to our WeAllSew reader “watercolorjen”, the winner of the December 8 gift. Enjoy!

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