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Christmas is around the corner and I have a little cute project for all of you. If you want to transform your Christmas dinner table in the cutest way possible, get the instructions below to create these adorable holiday coasters. I know that the majority of you have countless of fabric scraps and don’;t know what to do with them. Well, this adorable project will teach you how to get the best use out of them so that they don’;t go to waste!

We are going to use fabric scraps; in my case I used scraps from?projects using Heartland Fabrics.

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Paper piecing is going to be a bit easier due to my last project How To Make A Paper Pieced Mini?where I explained the basics of the technique?which is beyond fun! Print out one of the Christmas coasters templates and place Fabric D (right side facing up) on top of Section 2 of the paper piecing pattern. Always make sure that the pieces you are taking from your scraps are bigger than the square that you are going to be sewing. Next, place Fabric F on top of Fabric D. Then grab the template along with the fabrics and place it next to a light, (this is a simple little trick; that way you can see the transparency of the fabric and you can make sure to have a desire seam allowance (1/4”;) or more), later on we can cut the extra.

Prep your sewing machine, in my case the BERNINA 790. Use the all-purpose presser foot (BERNINA Reverse Pattern Foot #1/1C/1D) and stitch #1. Make sure to use the Lower Multi-functional Knob and lower the stitch length to 1.75 because this will help us later on to tear off the paper piecing template of the fabric. Use?AURIFIL cotton thread #2311.

If desiredpillow cases vintage, pin the fabric in place and straight stitch on the line between number 1 and 2 pictured below.

Press seams open as pictured below.

Take another piece of Fabric F and place (wrong side up) it on top of Fabric D as pictured below. You can use the?little light trick that I taught you before to make sure you are having the right or more seam allowance. I have indicated in the photo below with the solid line where we will be stitching—make sure you have enough fabric on the other side of the line to create a 1/4″; seam allowance.

Now we take it to the machine and straight stitch on the line between number 1 and 3?pictured below.

Once the last step is completed, we take our piece to our cutting table and fold back?the template (that way we don’;t cut it), and with a clear ruler we measure the desired seam allowance (1/4”;) and the cut off the extra fabric.

Following the same procedure as before, now we take a piece of Fabric C, always making sure it covers the part of the paper piece that we want to cover, in this case part 4. Place it as shown below, wrong side facing up.

Straight stitch on the line between 4 and the section already sewn as pictured?below.

Again, repeat the same technique of cutting the seam allowance. Always remember to fold your paper pieced template to prevent from cutting into it.

Press seams.

It may get a little tricky now, but do not fear, I will explain you each further steps. Place Fabric I (wrong side up) a little bit diagonally to Fabric C as shown below. Do the light trick to make sure you are in the right track regarding seam allowance. Fabric I will cover Part 5 of your template, so make sure than when you fold the fabric to the right side, Part 5 is fully covered.

Take it to your machine and straight stitch the diagonal line between number 4 and 5 as pictured below.

Cut seam allowance.

And press seams.

Place Fabric A, wrong side facing up, and making sure your fabric scrap is going to cover Part 6

Straight stitch between on the line between number 5 and 6 as pictured below.

Cut seam allowance, don’;t forget to fold your template! Next, press with your iron as I instructed before.

Now that you are all refreshed in Paper Piecing, you just need to add Parts 7 and 8 with Fabric D. Don’;t forget to the little light trick I taught you, and straight stitch

When cutting the seam allowance, don’;t forget to fold your template, and press seams open. Repeat this same step with Part 8.

You will have a top piece looking as cute as this one!

With an erasable pen, draw diagonal lines at 1/4”; separating between each line, just as pictured below. I used two layers of batting for extra quilting richness, so grab 2 (two) 6 1/4”; by 61/4”; pieces of batting.

Prep your machine by changing your thread to?AURIFIL cotton thread #4020. Also change the?Lower Multi-functional Knob back to 2.5.

Take your piece to your sewing machine and start quilting!

Now take your 5 1/4”; by 5 1/4”; piece of Fabric D and place it, wrong side up, on top of your already quilted piece. You will sew around the coaster at 1/4″; seam allowance leaving only the bottom part open.

In your sewing machine, you will move the needle to the right to #3 using the Needle left/right button.

Place the coaster to the edge of your presser feet and start sewing.

Once that’;s complete you will have a piece looking like the one below. Cut the corners and fold the piece over. Now it is time to close the coaster by folding 1/4”; of fabric under the piece and ?blind stitch. If it is easier for you, you can top stitch.

Stitch around the triangle of the paper pieced Christmas tree to add stability with the backing fabric.

And voilà! You have completed this adorable Paper Piece Holiday Coaster! There are 4 more templates for you to use and create a wonderful and beautifully decorated?Christmas dinner table!

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Today’;s gift is an adorable fat quarter bundle of?Heartland Fabrics.

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Good luck!

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