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pillow cases vintage GutenTag’s Graphical Day Planner Inspired Our Own geometric cushion covers

(Video link here.) We spend a good amount of time trying out ways to corral ours minds (which love to wander off down interesting paths), and make best use of our time. We’;ve tried numerous day/task planners, starting with the ever-great?Filofax?years ago in our quest for one that really works. We recently came across a graphical way to plan time that claims to liberate us from?linear agendas and apps. The GutenTag Method features a clock face that you stamp into a notebook. You graph your day around it, on a single page.

We found downsides?and wonderful?benefits once we started hacking the idea.

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The first problem for us: we don’;t want to have to rely on a stamp and stamp pad; it’;s two things too many. We do like the idea of using a big pad for work when in our office/laboratory and plotting things graphically.

So we tried just drawing GutenTag’;s Original clock in a notebook thinking to use it as a model (our 9 x 9 -inch square Bee Paper sketch book is?perfect). We found it?curiously compresses the hours of 6 pm to 6 ampillow cases vintage, assuming “;most people don’;t plan as much during these hours”;. Hey, we do. We work at night.

So we made our own clock to try the idea out, first drawing a circle. Ekk.

Sally Schneider

The circle was so confining,?we dispensed with it altogether, just drawing the numbers in clock positions. It was a breath of air…;All that space in a day. It reminded us of a haiku:

Emerging from a perfect sphere;Yet how long it is:A spring day.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?—Sokan

Sally Schneider

We start our day between 8 and 9. So we went from there in a 12-hour cycle, notating basic tasks on the outside of our “;day”;. ?When we got to the evening, we wrote our tasks on the inside.


Just from our few rough tries, we realized that there are lots?of possibilities for hacking?the GutenTag Method, starting with that clear circle of numbers 1 through 12. We find we LOVE plotting the day graphically and are going to keep trying it until we develop a method that works.

Seeing our work all laid out on an imaginary clock makes time look and seem different…;curiously more spacious.

We are grateful for the idea GutenTag?Method gave us…;


If you would like to buy the GutenTag stamp, you’;ll find it here.

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