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pillow cases vintage Global Influences – Part 3 – Aboriginal Earthy Colours funny cushion covers

The indigenous peoples of Australia use earth colours for the fabulous paintings andart work. With global influences being high on this year's interior design trends earth colour and bold geometric shapes will be a functional part of this year's interiors. Vibrant and yet muted shades such as amber gold, tomato red and oceanic blue will accompany these bold and daring patterns. Aborigines used earth colours quite literally because they are derived from natural substances found in their native country.

As the trend this year is for people to return to their roots there will be an emphasise that the important things in life are not associated with money. With the UK barely out of recession the need to return to simple ways of life are a necessity for many people, as such interiors will reflect this by use of varying tones of grey and white becoming the hot neutrals in 2010.

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The shades of grey will vary from warm putty to cool steel greyspillow cases vintage, however these colours are not going to be seen on their own, they will be teamed with buttery yellow or deep taupe to add depth and injections of colour into people's homes.

The colours used by Aboriginal people include the above colours along with white, brown and black. Probably the easiest way to achieve an Aboriginal themed home is to use these colours not only for walls but also reflect the colours in soft furnishings, floor rugs and window dressings. Adding touches of original Aboriginal art work, boomerangs and tribal masks to walls will also help bring the theme alive and in balance.

Bold geometric fabrics and materials are also a good place to start. Keep within the colour ranges and although the end result may not be entirely authentic a whole new vibrancy will be a great addition to your home.

Look for ready made curtains UK in earthy colours if you prefer not to opt for bold geometric patterns. Likewise bedding or Roman blinds can also reflect nature's earthy tones superbly and can be a wonderful way to inject colour into bedrooms without going 'over the top'. If you want to reflect the steel greys a polished steel coloured curtain pole is ideal, opt for end finials which have geometric shapes.

This year's global influences will undoubtedly make a real impact on interior design styles and earthy colour palettes, use the ones you feel comfortable with so that you are at peace within your home.

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