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Look at the windows in your home. No, I mean take a GOOD look. Is something missing??Cutting Edge Stencils is going to be a good friend and tell you that those bland curtains are not working anymore, and what’;s missing is some STYLE. Yes, I’;m talking to you! But it’;s ok! We can help with an awesome stencil idea! Take our Moroccan Stencils and make your own DIY curtains to spruce up those boring windows! We’;re going to show you the method to the madness behind?Moroccan Stenciled Curtains, so don’;t get defensivepillow cases vintage, be proactive, and add that missing piece to your home decor!

Trellis Stenciled Curtains

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Gemma over at The Sweetest Digs?stenciled these style-forward curtains with Cutting Edge Stencils‘; Trellis Allover pattern! She bought plain white panels ?from IKEA and ironed them out to reduce any creases and folds that might mess up the design! Then she taped down the panels onto the floor over a plastic painting sheet so that no paint leaked through the back onto the floor! Gemma mixed medium gray acrylic paint with textile medium (Quick Note: adding fabric medium will not change the color of the paint) to create the perfect paint for stenciling on fabric! The Trellis design was then taped down with painters tape on the left topmost corner of the panel. With supplies at hand and all prep work finished, the dense foam roller was loaded, excess paint was rolled off onto a paper towel, and Gemma was ready to paint! The allover pattern came together quickly on the curtains as Gemma repositioned and repeated the painting process to cover both panels in our moroccan design!

Nagoya Stenciled Curtains

Kim over at Too Much Time on My Hands?stenciled her DIY curtains with Cutting Edge Stencils’; Nagoya Allover pattern! Kim decided to use the Nagoya around the border of her panels (outlining them with it) so she cut the design to her liking before stenciling. The white paint posed a problem when Kim realized she should have put a painting sheet underneath the curtain so as to not spoil her wood floor! OOPS! But the paint that seeped through was easily cleaned off and Kim kept stenciling without missing a beat! When the stenciling was finished, Kim nailed her curtains to wood slabs above her window for a rustic look!

Moroccan Dream Stenciled Curtains

Pamela over at?PBJ Stories?stenciled these gawwwgeous?DIY curtains?with our?Moroccan Dream stencil?design! Pamela’;s stencil supply list looked a little like this: acrylic paint, fabric medium, dense foam roller, stencil brush, painters tape and a?drop cloth?to put underneath while stenciling! Pamela prepared to use a lot of tape! She taped down the drop cloth to the floor, then taped the curtain panel to the drop cloth, and finally taped the stencil to the curtain! She was another smart lady who mixed fabric medium with her acrylic paint to use while stenciling on the curtains! Pamela dabbed at the surfaces of the curtains that weren’;t laying flat with her stencil brush, but used a roller for the rest. After each section was painted, Pamela realigned and repeated the pattern! Success!

Can’;t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils?:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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