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A few posts ago I wrote about DIY Pumpkin Ideas for Pinterest Picks and even though I am not the craftiest person (I’;m really not a DIY queen by any means) I still wanted to have a pumpkin carving/crafting day with Dan. He could not remember the last time he carved a pumpkin but was surprisingly excited about it and carved not one but two pumpkins! I don’;t think either of our end results came out as amazing as we’;d imagined but we’;re still fond of our creations and they’;re proudly sitting on our apartment patio.

DIY Glitter Pumpkins

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Here’;s what you need to make a sparkly pumpkin:

–; Pumpkins of your choice (I had two little ones and a big one)

–; Craft glue (or spray adhesive)

–; Craft brush or paintbrush

–; Newspaper or craft paper to collect the excess glitter

–; Glitter in the color of your choice

From the pile we adopted: Cheech, Lexington and Theodora. Dan surprised me with two little pumpkins which we named Jr. and Bob (so creative!).

Necessary items for our adventure. I used a crazy amount of newspaper on the table and the floor. I assumed Dan would make a mess like he does when he cookspillow cases vintage, but he actually got two relatively clean pumpkins and made little-to-no mess.

My crafting begins! I glittered my pumpkin in sections to make sure the glitter really stuck to the glue.

I bought a super cheap craft brush for this project because I figured I wouldn’;t use it again. If you think you’;ll reuse your brush get one that is easy to clean.

You can use a spoon to drop the glitter onto the pumpkin or you can do what I did and just shake it from the container. You’;re going to get glitter on your hands and there will be a lot of glitter that falls off your pumpkin which is not a big deal.

A lot of excess glitter is fine because you’;ll be amazed as how much actually stays on your pumpkin. A word of advice: buy a pumpkin with a relatively strong/long stem as you’;ll want to avoid touching your glittered pumpkin or smooshing the glitter by laying it down as you glitter the sides.

Bob and Jr. after their glitter makeover. I really like the look of the all over glitter –; add some fall leaves and candles and bam! A beautiful centerpiece. The second pumpkin was a slightly spidery experiment but I think these types of pumpkins look best without glitter.

Dan’;s masterpieces –; Theodora and Lexington or “;The Evil One”; and “;Lego Head,”; as we’;ve come to call them. Dan had never used a template for carving a pumpkin and I think he did a pretty good job. I commend those who have pumpkin carving skills and can create sick freehand cut-outs! For Dan and I it was just about hanging out and doing something creative.

The alter egos of our pumpkin children all lit up. My sparkle pumpkin on the left was going to have some more glitter design to it but we got hungry (which means it didn’;t turn out how I wanted). I think the smaller pumpkins look better all dolled up in glitter but I’;m just happy to have some Halloween spirit up in this apartment! If you have any questions on glittering a pumpkin feel free to leave a comment. If I can do it, so can you.

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One of the most inspiring ideas we found recently in a photo of scuptor and designer ?Harry Bertoia‘s living room?[See the clarification in Comments from Bertoia’s daughter Celia] is?not the famous wire mesh chairs he?designed for Knoll in the ’50’s, but this simple hanging shelf. It’s made with cord strung through a piece of wood through which holes were bored. It is, essentially, a swing that is meant to convey a sense of air without moving wildly, for it holds a little sculpture – whose, we don’t know.