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pillow cases vintage Clawfoot Tub Sofa to DIY or Buy geometric cushion covers

We’;ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’;s?many times and never noticed the very makeshift decor of Holly Golightly’;s apartment: the crate coffee table…;luggage storage bins…;and…;the wonderful clawfoot tub sofa. THAT set us on the hunt…;

Clawfoot tub sofas are a trend we somehow missed. You can make one yourself (with another person; these tubs are HEAVY) OR buy them.

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There’;s a terrific?Instructable DIY Clawfoot Bathtub Couch here, that covers every step in detail from evaluating a vintage tubpillow cases vintage, to cutting through cast iron to finishing it.

noahw via Instructables

We love the empowering “;Lesson learned”; messages embedded in the very long process. Our favorite:

Don’;t sweat cutting cast iron –; it can be done!

noahw via Instructables

Don’;t want to deal with it? You can buy?or have one custom-made at Etsy.

Tub sofas?look remarkably comfortable…;but then?Golightly is definitely chill.

Italian industrial designer Francesco Faccin, who teaches about “objectness/project making”,??made a beautiful little video of the “bow drill”, a device he designed?to start a fire manually, using the principle of rubbing two sticks together.

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We all have them: those "special" T-shirts from events, vacations or sports teams. Kids have more of them than most! You don't wear them anymore, but you also can't seem to part with them. Let's make them into some cute keepsake pillows! Carefully cut out the motif, stitch and stuff! It really is as easy as that. We created a pattern for cool knotted corners that can be done in the same or a contrasting color (a way to get rid of yet another shirt). One or more of these pillows would be a great gift for someone heading off to college: a little bit of home on which to lay your head.