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To celebrate our limited edition Parachute X Clare V. travel kit?that we co-created – and to learn more about how she maintains a steady work/life balance – Clare was kind enough to share her sleep essentials, travel tips and perfect breakfast in bed…

When I really know I’m in for the night, I put on a pair of?Sleepy Jones?pajamas, cozy socks and?Birkenstocks?to wind it all down!

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Always water, earplugs and eye mask. Then my huge iPhone sits on there somewherepillow cases vintage, and that’s where I read most of my books these days.

The Clare V.?graphic designer, Lizzie, put this so well –?“the drudgery of our nightly routines.” Girls really have tied ourselves to a good 20-30 minutes a night in the bathroom. Sometimes it’s a lot to do after a long day! All nights though, I’ll at least wash with?iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, apply?Resurface by Shani Darden Retinol Reform?and finish with?Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hydra-Pure Oil-Free Moisture.


A double espresso – straight up.

A double espresso, a banana smoothie from?Moon Juice?and?The New York Times.

Always earplugs and an?eye mask. I’m a firm believer in tricking your brain into thinking it’s dark and quiet. Those two things are essential when I’m traveling so I can not only fall asleep at any hour, but also stay sleeping when I would normally be awake back in California.

I love to be on a high floor at hotels, and I’ve marveled at the views from high floors in Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and New York City. I love to feel like I’m flying – not in an airplane – but just above it all. And sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking.

The incredible creative community has been extremely influential and helpful to my business. I try to surround myself with people who are hardworking but don’t take themselves too seriously.

I love everything about it. I use the Parachute?Merino Travel Kit?already, so I’m super psyched to have it in our colors and design. I will use the blanket on many, many airplanes, and the eye mask?will see many a foreign bed.

We just spent the weekend in Chicago for a quick getaway. One of the top things on my “sightseeing” list was the Jonathan Adler store. I was excited to find our hotel was only a few blocks away. After dinner at the hotel we ventured out into the city. The air was crisp, but warm enough to skip the hats and gloves. The boys got to stay up a little later than normal to get a taste of the city at night. ?I love the energy of all the people and lights on a city night. We walked to the store stopping briefly to admire Christmas lights and some beautiful architectural details of the old buildings sprinkled along the streets.

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