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pillow cases vintage 21 Reasons You'll Find Jigsaws Awesome funny cushion covers

accent pillow case baby burlap boudoir

10. Contemporary jigsaw puzzle office desk smacks of real style.

11. Girls will love a jigsaw puzzle inspired padded headboard.

Each summer our family heads to Ocean City, NJ, for a week long family vacation. ?There’s nothing quite like the sound of ocean waves to make me get into relax mode! ?I also like to do a little retail therapy while I’m at the beach! ?The shops there are full of nautical theme and coastal decor! ? I love it, but I don’t live at the beach – so my home isn’t going to reflect that nautical theme or coastal style for everyday living. ?Howeverpillow cases vintage, I do like to add touches of nautical style into my decor in the summertime. ? Today, I’m going to share a super simple way to add a touch of nautical theme decor ?for just a few dollars using books you have on hand and maps.

“I fantasized about dressing my daughter in chic French labels, but, alas, it’s only cotton graphic tees from Target and H&M,” admits Candice Pool Neistat, founder of Finn Jewelry and Billy. “And any ruffles are out. Le sigh. It’s all she’ll wear, and I’m okay with that (now). I don’t feel bad if she gets paint on them, or if I wash and dry them a hundred times.”

Earlier this week, I was on my way to REI for a 30% off Keens sale for my boys when I turned the corner into the parking lot and was stopped dead in my tracks.