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How to Make a Decorative DIY Paper Flower Ball

I love flowers. I love growing them, and I love making them from various craft supplies. I'm really excited to share this latest DIY project with you. This video will show you step-by-step how to make a gorgeous paper flower ball that you can use for any number of decorating purposes.

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So many things! I used this for a centerpiece on a small table in my living room, but you could also make this for:

You need some colorful and thick paper. Craft paper or colored cardstock are your best optionspillow cases vintage, as they are strong enough yet are still pliable. You also need a Styrofoam ball and some various decorations, depending on how you want to dress up your flower ball.

You can get all of the supplies at your local hobby shop or online – and they’re all pretty cheap, too!

I’ve shown you so many beautiful DIY flowers. Remember these colorful tissue paper flowers? I’ve also shared with you my favorite paper flower craft, how to make a flower from a book, and these 80 beautiful floral decorations for summer.

If you love flowers as much as I do, you're going to enjoy all of these different ways to add some DIY flowers to your life!

Learn how to make this elegant yet simple floral paper ball. Step-by-step and video instructions to make this great floral centerpiece or wedding decoration.

My Favorite Etsy Flower decorations.

What’s your favorite DIY flower to make?

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