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Festive Party Drinks- Bourbon Slush

I have a yummy post for you today that involves sweets and festive party drinks and cookies.

Every year? I go to my friend Karen's annual cookie exchange. I took the cookies I made?for the party on two of the red floral?square plates I received from the Waverly Collection at Hefty.? I like to line my cookies up in rows and having a?durable square plate makes this easy.???They?look? magazine?photo spread?worthy and so much better than when placed on a round plate. To see other cookies I have made for the cookie exchange, click here, here and here.

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My cookies?were?kind of?semi-homemade ' shhh!?Remember, I am not a foodie.? I?enjoy the presentation part of bringing cookies to the party every yearvintage linens, more than making?them.??I bought plain shortbread cookies at Wegmans that taste like butter melting in your mouth?and dipped them into melted Ghirardelli Chocolate and colorful sprinkles.? Voila! I can be part of the cookie exchange without having to spend hours rolling out dough and waiting for the oven to beep batch after batch.

At Karen's cookie party all the guests love to exchange cookies every year, but what we love even more is Karen's very famous Bourbon Slush.? Yum. It tastes like an orange Slurpee with a kick!??? Karen made markers for her?dollar store glasses?by?tying red, green, or gold curling ribbon on the stem of each glass in hopes that we would remember what color was ours.? This?is needed, believe me '?especially after having a few slushes.

For anyone at the party not drinking Bourbon Slush ' Karen had another table set up.? We placed the plastic?cups there for non-alcoholic drinks.? Instead of?writing?names?right on the cups with a magic marker, I made printable stick on labels. I scanned the napkin designs into my computer and designed a coordinating label.?? I printed them out onto a sticker sheet that I bought at Staples.??There is?a .pdf of the labels for you to download at the end of this post.

Karen didn't need the?green rectangular napkins on her tables.? I decided they would make perfect guest?hand towels and placed them in?her powder room?for the party.

I also went to another party, 'tis the season, right?? An Open House at my friend, Debbie's.? I knew the cups would coordinate perfectly with the color scheme in her home.?? Her home was on a local garden club tour last week.? The first floor of her home was decorated for Christmas by the members of the?club.? She decided to have an?Open House for the neighbors?the day after the tour while the decorations were still fresh and pretty.? Each room had beautiful floral arrangements, swags, and wreaths with a musical theme connecting all the rooms. I took a few pictures and will post them later.

Here is the link to the ?.pdf for the printable Name Tag Stickers to download.? You can find 8 1/2' x 11' sticker sheets at office supply stores.


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