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30 Wonderful Ways to Organize your Life with Command Hooks

Command hooks truly are the answer when it comes to decluttering your home in an effective and inexpensive manner. These hanging solutions can be stuck anywhere, and can be removed without causing any damage to the surface, thus making them perfect for those of you who are renting and want to bypass the drill. And with all the varying sizes and weight capabilities, the possibilities feel endless.

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A quick tip before you start…

Before using these, though, make sure that you get good quality hooks, and make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that they adhere well and won’t harm the surface when finally removed.

As much as I love using command hooks, sometimes, the white plastic makes my fantastic organizational solution look a little… tacky. A great way to fix this problem is just to paint the hook. You can choose a color that blends into the surface, go for something bright and bold, glitter it up, or even go for a faux metal look.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –EatPlayDress and TheFarmer’sWife

Table of Contents

It seems that it’s rather commonplace for us to have that one chaotic drawer in the kitchen that’s full of utensils – doesn’t it just take forever to find what you need? Use command hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang all your baking and cooking utensilspillow cases vintage, neatly.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –Intagram:Jillmburkey

If the inside of a cabinet door just doesn’t offer you enough space, take a page out of this innovative DIYer’s book and go command hook crazy on an old door (or piece of wood)! With such a practical and gorgeous setup, you’ll never want to leave the kitchen!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –C.R.A.F.T.

Here’s a great combination of two of my favorite things: command hooks and Mason jars. You can brighten up your window area with some pretty flowers in jar vases that are suspended from the hooks!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –ItAllStartedWithPaint

Display your little tot’s proud artworks on the fridge with some cleverly spaced out hooks and rods. You can actually implement this concept practically anywhere in the home if you want to hang your photos, pictures, invitations etc.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –PinterestInspiration

Since your little one will only need his or her bib when eating in the highchair, it makes sense that you keep them close by. What’s the closest you can get? Right on the back of the chair, hanging from a hook.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –DefinitelyJenner

I’ll definitely be using this little trick in my kitchen to free up some counter space; it’s such a quick and simple solution. You can also use the same method to store your plastic wrap and tin foil.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –SewManyWays and IHeartOrganizing

How many times have you “lost” your rings, only to find them hours later (while in a panic) next to the kitchen sink? Most of us use command hooks by the sink to hang our hand towels and dishcloths, so now you can just add one more for your rings.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –Bride&;Joy

I can’t remember the last time I actually paid for herbs, because I’ve been growing my own for so long now! If you want to follow suit but don’t have the outdoor space, just find a spot that gets enough sunlight, and hang your pots right there. So convenient!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –JulieBlanner

I’ve finally managed to sort out my pots and pans so that I’m actually able to reach all of them without feeling as if I’m on a treasure hunt, but the lids have always been a problem…… until today! A couple of strategically placed hooks can keep those lids out of the way, yet still within easy reach.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –Instructables

If you place a hook on the outside of your porridge/rice/sugar/flour etc. container, then you can hang your measuring cup and ensure that you always scoop out the perfect measurement of what you need.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –AThousandWords

If your counter space is limited then you probably won’t want to clutter it up with your non-refrigerated fruit and veggies. Make clever use of your space by hanging a shower caddy or spice rack from a command hook somewhere in the kitchen so that you can store your produce without compromising your space.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –DomesticDivaDomain

If you need to get your collection of ribbons and/or Washi tape in order, then these hooks will come to the rescue. This simple solution makes it easy to see exactly what you have on offer, and it’s very easy to just grab what you need.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –ScatteredThoughtsOfACraftyMom

Tablets may not always come with wall mounts, so you can make your own with a couple of well-placed (and sturdy) hooks. You can even use this technique to mount your router to the wall if you need to improve your Wi-Fi range.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –CNet and LifeHacker

If you’re an avid gamer, a music-maker, or just a music listener, you can keep your headphones where they need to be by hanging them from the monitor with hooks. You can also put them on the back if you don’t like the look on the side.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –SlidingIntoSecondGrade

If your room is a little too small for all your things and you don’t want to go drilling holes in the wall, find yourself a nice wire spice rack that can hang from the hooks and give you that much-needed (and cheap!) shelf space.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –Instagram:jayceepeterson

If you want the regal feeling of a canopy bed but don’t want to drill holes or hammer nails into your ceiling, then command hooks are the perfect alternative from which to hang some fabric.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –TheNakedCo-Ed

I have a lot of jewelry, and as my collection keeps growing, I really struggle to keep it all organized. Not only that, but I find that I don’t wear a lot of my items simply because I don’t see them. Thanks to the help of a whole bunch of hooks, I can hang everything and make it all visible, while at the same time creating an interesting accent piece on my wall.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –SoMuchBetterWithAge and Command

When the time comes for you to finally sort out that cluttered bathroom cabinet, here’s how you can make things a lot easier on yourself. A wire hack hanging from these little hooks on the inside of the door opens up a whole new world of storage space.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –HiSugarplum

I think it’s fair to say that for the most part, men and women use different products and things in the shower, so I think dividing it all up is a great idea. Just get two hooks and two little caddies to keep everything well organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –TheCrazyCraftLady

A caddy hanging from a couple of hooks on the wall or on the side of the vanity will give you ample space to store your hairdryer, brush, makeup or whatever else without taking up valuable space. So simple, so effective.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –DreamGreenDIY

Keep your toothbrushes neatly tucked away on the inside of your medicine cabinet door – small hooks placed sideways work excellently. This is an easy and clever solution for smaller bathrooms that aren’t very liberal when it comes to storage space.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –Pinterest:AngelaOden

Want a fun but temporary photo backdrop for a special occasion? Stick your hooks on the wall, add a rod, and then hang some streamers, ribbons, fabric etc. You could also use this idea for an accent wall that can be changed up every now and then.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –WeddingWire

If you’re the type to hang seasonal banners or garlands and find that sticky tack just isn’t always strong enough to hold them up, then you’ll love this handy little hack. A command hook on either side of the top of the door frame gives you something to which you can tie the ribbon or string.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –FynesDesigns

If you want to revive a fantastic ‘70s trend and give your wall some macramé love, then a wooden dowel suspended upon two hooks gives you the perfect starting point.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –APair&;ASpare

You can turn practically any little table into a work surface for your little ones simply by adding some hooks on the side. Here you can hang buckets full of all the stationery and tools that they’d need to get their creativity flowing.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –DelightfulMom

Since we have so many electronics in our homes these days, all the cluttered cords and cables can become a truly unsightly nightmare. Whether you’re going cord crazy in your office or by entertainment center, curb the chaos with cable ties and hooks.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –PoofyCheecks and HiSugarplum

Before you go hammering a nail into your door, have a look at this clever little wreath-hanging trick. An upside-down hook on the inside of your door gives you something from which you can hang the ribbon over the top of the door. Genius, right?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –PrettyDubs

If your family has quite a large collection of sunglasses, then you can store them safely by hanging them over a rod-and-command hook combo. The inside of a cabinet door is always a good spot, but you can make it even more convenient by placing the whole thing right by your entrance.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –DoMeasurablyMore

If your windows are begging for curtains but you don’t want to ruin the walls of a rented home, then once again, it’s command hooks to the rescue. Get yourself some heavy duty hooks that can hold your curtain rod and curtains, and you won’t have to worry about losing your deposit!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit –TheHappierHomemaker

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